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Blackjack is among of the most classy casino games of all time. It is played with full enthusiasm and high spirits worldwide against the house at the casinos. In the online version of this game you can also play against a dealer. The online Blackjack gaming rules are similar to that played in real; the only difference you can get is more diversity in the online Blackjack games, and the use of virtual money instead of real. To be a winner at this casino game one cannot play blindly; a strategy is required. Understanding the norms of online Blackjack is simple.

The main concept or objective of Blackjack is to score a total point of 21 with the cards distributed to you. Thus this game is famously know as “twenty-one” too. Ace card can either have points 1 or 10 while the face cards are worth 10 points and the remaining is according to their represented number. Blackjack is a one-on-one game against the dealer where the total points to be achieved is 21 or close to it and greater than the score of the dealer to win. A score over 21 cause a situation termed as “busted” and the opponent wins.



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